With the arrival of the New Year, most look for new methods to be the best versions of themselves! To some, that may mean cutting out beer entirely. However, with the multitude of health benefits associated with beer, it can be a great addition to a healthy and active lifestyle. So when working hard and hitting the gym in the new year, don’ be afraid to reward yourself with an Old Flame brew at the end of the day!



Read below for some fun facts about the health benefits of beer. 


  • Beer is 92 % water!


  • Hops are a central ingredient in beer. Hops contain humulones which are an antioxidant that increases blood circulation and are anti-inflammatory. The antioxidants also provide protection against aging diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s.


  • Hops are a galactogogues! This means they help in the stimulation of breast milk and increase breast milk production in new moms.






  • Beer contains a significant number of nutrients and vitamins such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, Vitamin B, folic acid and niacin.


  • Beer is low in sodium. It also has no fat or cholesterol! 



  • Beer is great for the skin! The hops contain amino acids which soften skin. The brewer’s yeast is also known to be great for fighting acne! Pick up one of our Brewhouse Body Care soap flights at the brewery today to nourish your skin.  

Moderation is key! According to Canada’s Low Risk Alcohol Guidelines, moderate consumption is 3 drinks a day for men and 2 drinks a day for women. 


Information courtesy of Prud’homme Beer Certification. 




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