Helles Style Lager — ABV 5%

A Helles lager is a traditional lager style that originated in Munich during the 1800’s. This style was developed to meet the growing demand for the lighter coloured beers of Bohemia, which were quickly gaining popularity during this time. Today, this light and refreshing lager is still very popular in Munich and around the world.


Old Flame Brewing Co.’s Blonde is tailored to suit the craft beer drinker with a roundness that is clean and intense. The medium malt body showcases the bread and dry malt flavours and the long conditioning time ensures a nice, smooth finish.



Ontario Brewing Awards 2018 – Bronze – Standard Lager Category

Ontario Brewing Awards 2017 – Silver – Standard Lager Category

Dirty Blonde

Kellerbier Style Lager — ABV 5%

This hazy, golden lager is an unfiltered Helles style beer. A Kellerbier is traditionally a German lager left unfiltered and aged for a long time to create a very smooth, dry finish. The name Kellerbier translates to “cellar beer” which is a nod to its cool lagering temperature.


Our Dirty Blonde pours a naturally cloudy, pale golden colour with a strong white head. There are straw-like aromas with a hint of lemon zest. It has prominent flavours of fresh bread and a lingering finish reminiscent of German malts.


Drink it fresh! Don’t be concerned if you find some sediment in your can or bottle, it is just a sign of the fresh, unfiltered brewing process.



Canadian Brewing Awards 2018 – Bronze – Kellerbier


Vienna Lager — ABV 5.1%

This style of Amber Lager hails from Vienna, Austria and first gained notoriety for its smooth, malt-forward flavours. Our Red is brewed with a generous dose of caramel malt which adds a touch of sweetness and complexity to the beer. There is a deep biscuity aroma.


At first taste, you will notice the robust rye bread, toast and caramel flavours. These notes are then followed by a slightly bitter hop flavour and long, crisp finish. Incredibly balanced, this lager can be enjoyed by both ale and lager drinkers.



Ontario Brewing Awards 2018 – Bronze – Amber Lager Category

Canadian Brewing Awards 2017 – Bronze – North American Style Amber Lager

Ontario Brewing Awards – 2017 – Silver – Amber Lager

Ontario Brewing Awards – 2016 – Silver – Amber Lager

Canadian Brewing Awards 2015 – Gold – North American Style Amber Lager


Munich Dunkel Style Lager — ABV 4.8%

Much like our Blonde, this beer style originated in Munich. The name Dunkel translates to “dark” in German. This is a malt-forward beer, and very popular due to the nutty and toasty flavours, yet it is still very smooth.


Made with a blend of seven different malts, our Brunette has enhanced the flavours that this style has become known for.



Canadian Brewing Awards 2019 – Gold – North American Style Amber to Dark Lager

Canadian Brewing Awards 2018 – Bronze – North American Style Dark Lager

Canadian Brewing Awards 2017 – Gold – North American Style Dark Lager

Ontario Brewing Awards 2017 – Silver – Dark Lager

Ontario Brewing Awards 2016 – Silver – Dark Lager

Perry Loved Mary

India Pale Ale — ABV 6.3%

Perry Loved Mary… to the bitter end.

But Mary loved another. This beer is our interpretation of a West Coast Style IPA, making it very bitter, much like Perry from his unrequited love. Perry Loved Mary IPA pours a clear, copper-orange hue, with a fluffy white head. The aroma and flavour are dominated with bold flavours such as pine, citrus and passionfruit. The finish is long, bitter, and dry.

This beer serves as inspiration for the incredibly successful musical, Perry Loved Mary, that takes place annually at the brewery. Noah MacDougall, the show’s composer and lyricist, and Luc Trottier, who wrote the book and additional lyrics, were commisioned to create a live performance celebrating the beers of Old Flame and town of Port Perry. The result is a side-splitting musical following the main character Perry and his search for love. This show is a must-see and absolutely an experience worth remembering. 


No Regrets

Premium Super Light Lager 2.9%

This is an all-malt and all-natural light lager. No added preservatives or adjuncts, this light lager is low in calories (less than 100 calories per 355 ml serving) and alcohol!


This beer is mildly cloudy and pale straw in colour. There is a subtle malt aroma, but mostly a clean, slightly sweet and refreshing scent. This beer is high in carbonation to offer that clean, crisp, and refreshingly thirst-quenching drinking experience.


Only available on draught, packaged product coming soon!

Scary Mary

Double IPA 8%

Perry broke Mary’s heart! He’s in trouble because you don’t want to mess with … Scary Mary!


With a pillowy white head, this makes for a beautifully laced glass. It is slightly cloudy, with a sharp tangerine colour. Coming in 8%, this is a very strong beer. Despite being a Double IPA it is bold, yet smooth, and finishes with a lingering bitterness. Prominent flavours include resiny pine notes, grapefruit and orange zest.


India Red Lager 5.8%

Brewed in celebration of romance, Gimme-a-Kiss brings together the ingredients that make love work: time and effort.


Our India Red Lager is crystal clear and a deep amber colour. While the bouquet of citrus hop aroma will excite the classic IPA drinker, our brew was lagered the same as our Signature Series to create the smooth, crisp and refreshing finish we are known for. This beer is truly rich in both ingredients and time.


Gimme-a-Kiss is consistent with our focus on time-honoured lagers, while acting as the perfect transition beer for someone looking to experiment with a slightly more hop-forward brew.

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