Helles Style Lager — ABV 5%

Our Blonde Lager is a classic, easy drinking German style beer. Helles translates to bright in German, which we believe captures the flavours of our Blonde perfectly. Pouring a crystal clear, pale gold, Blonde has soft bready aromas while finishing crisp, clean and easy drinking.  


Aged for a full 28 days, our time honoured techniques are true to the classic Helles style, which is deeply rooted in brewing history, and reflective of the rich history of our own brewery, in Port Perry, Ontario.



Ontario Brewing Awards 2018 – Bronze – Standard Lager Category

Ontario Brewing Awards 2017 – Silver – Standard Lager Category

Hazy Blonde

Kellerbier Style Lager — ABV 5%

Our Kellerbier is crafted for the locals of Port Perry. The beer pours a pale, opaque gold with soft flavours such as freshly baked white bread. Brewed just like our Helles, our Hazy Blonde is left unfiltered, creating a small but shocking difference between the two.  By leaving the yeast, the beer has a touch more body without sacrificing the smooth finish.


Our Hazy Blonde is best enjoyed fresh as possible, making it a must try when visiting the brewery, in Port Perry, Ontario.


Drink it fresh! Don’t be concerned if you find some sediment in your can or bottle, it is just a sign of the fresh, unfiltered brewing process.



Canadian Brewing Awards 2018 – Bronze – Kellerbier


Vienna Lager — ABV 5.1%

Our Red is our most iconic lager, being the first of our beers to garner national praise. Pouring a clear copper, the beer has is a delicate balance of soft malt sweetness and slight hop bitterness.  Subtle notes of caramel and toasted rye give way to a clean, crisp, and smooth finish. 


When entering our eclectic brewery, the striking red Vienna sign hanging from our post and beam rafters may catch your eye.  Our founder stopped randomly at an antique market, just days after our Red won Gold at the Canadian Brewing Awards in 2015. In undeniable fate, the Vienna sign has now found its forever home among many other vintage pieces at our brewery, in Port Perry, Ontario.



Ontario Brewing Awards 2018 – Bronze – Amber Lager Category

Canadian Brewing Awards 2017 – Bronze – North American Style Amber Lager

Ontario Brewing Awards – 2017 – Silver – Amber Lager

Ontario Brewing Awards – 2016 – Silver – Amber Lager

Canadian Brewing Awards 2015 – Gold – North American Style Amber Lager


Munich Dunkel Style Lager — ABV 4.8%

Our Brunette is a marriage of rich, dark flavours, which create a certain complexity to the beer, yet remaining crisp and clean. An array of dark malts contribute an elegant aroma of toasted bread crusts, with hints of light chocolate and toffee. Flavours continue with a slight toasted nuttiness, while finishing smooth and dry.


The recipient of many accolades, our Munich Dunkel is brewed to be sophisticated, yet versatile. With incredible depth, Brunette can have a spot at both an exquisite beer pairing dinner or as a casual pint among friends at our brewery, in Port Perry, Ontario.  



Canadian Brewing Awards 2019 – Gold – North American Style Amber to Dark Lager

Canadian Brewing Awards 2018 – Bronze – North American Style Dark Lager

Canadian Brewing Awards 2017 – Gold – North American Style Dark Lager

Ontario Brewing Awards 2017 – Silver – Dark Lager

Ontario Brewing Awards 2016 – Silver – Dark Lager


Premium Black Lager — ABV 5%

Our Raven’s intense depth of dark flavours are contrasted by its light body, and smooth finish. A melody of aromas such as dark chocolate, espresso and an intense roast translate to the body of the beer. Despite the dark flavours, the beer finishes clean, true to the lager style, inviting another sip.


As the newest addition to our line up of core beers, Raven is a testament to the experimental side of brewing at Old Flame. As an alumni of the many seasonals brewed throughout the year, Raven showcases that there are plenty of specialty brews waiting to be enjoyed at the brewery in Port Perry.


No Regrets

Premium Super Light Lager 2.9%

This is an all-malt and all-natural light lager. No added preservatives or adjuncts, this light lager is low in calories (less than 100 calories per 355 ml serving) and alcohol!


This beer is a crystal clear, pale straw colour. There is a subtle malt aroma, but mostly a clean, slightly sweet and refreshing scent. This beer is high in carbonation to offer that clean, crisp, and refreshingly thirst-quenching drinking experience.



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