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Old Flame Brewing Co. Brands

The Old Flame Brewing Co.’s lagers and specialty beers are brewed with time honoured, hand-crafted techniques using fresh ingredients for a signature flavour.

Real beer with full flavour, aroma, body and natural goodness.

  Old Flame Blonde   Old Flame Red   Old Flame Brunette  
Old Flame Blonde Helles Lager
Old Flame Red Vienna Lager
Old Flame Brunette Munich Dunkel Lager

Old Flame ‘Blonde’

Helles lager is a traditional lager style which originated in Munich in the 1800’s. It was developed to meet the growing demand of the lighter coloured beers of bohemia which at that time were gaining popularity. Today, this light, refreshing lager is still very popular in Bavaria and around the world.

Old Flame Brewing Co.’s Blonde is tailored to suit the craft beer drinker with a roundness that is clean and intense. The medium malt body showcases the bread and dry malt flavours and the long conditioning time ensures a nice smooth finish.
ABV - 4.8%


Old Flame ‘Red’

This red lager which originated in Vienna, Austria first gained notoriety for its malt forward flavours. The Old Flame Red is brewed with a hefty dose of caramel malt which adds a nice sweetness to the beer.

At first taste you will notice the bread, toast and caramel aromas and flavours which lead to a smooth, dry finish.

Incredibly balanced, this lager can be enjoyed by both ale and lager drinkers.
ABV - 4.8%


Old Flame ‘Brunette’

Much like our blonde, this beer originated in Munich, Bavaria. This dark, malt forward beer is popular due to the nutty and toast-like flavours.

Made with a blend of seven different malts, our Old Flame Brunette has enhanced the flavours that the style is famous for. These flavours are then followed by a slight bitter hop flavour and long, dry finish.

Gold Medal – Dark Lager Category – 2014 Niagara Beer Competition
ABV - 4.8%


Brewer's Discretion Series Beer

The Brewer's Discretion Series, one-off beers of the brewmaster’s choice, are an ever changing list of seasonal beers and select recipes that are unique to the Old Flame Brewing Co. and tapped at select locations.


Brewer's Discretion Series
Perry Loved Mary

Old Flame 'Perry Loved Mary', but Mary loved another. Makes for a bitter taste, but our interpretation of a west coast style IPA showcases a variety of hop flavours. This hop forward ale originated in the UK, however the American version showcases very unique citrus and pine aromas and flavours.

Our Perry Loved Mary IPA pours a clear light copper-orange colour with a nice fluffy white head. The aroma and flavour are dominated by hops with notes of passionfruit, pine and citrus. The finish is long, smooth and dry.
ABV – 6.3%

  Perry Loved Mary   Old Flame ‘Dirty Blonde’ – Kellerbier Style Lager. This hazy, golden lager is an unfiltered blonde lager style from Germany. Kellerbier, which translates to 'cellar beer', and is aged for a long time to create a very smooth, dry finish.

Our Dirty Blonde pours a naturally cloudy straw golden colour with a nice white head. The bread, straw-like aromas and flavours are complemented with notes of lemon zest. Drink it fresh!
ABV - 5.0%

  Gimme a Kiss  

'Gimme a Kiss' - India Red Lager. This Vienna/India Pale Ale is hopped up like our Perry Loved Mary IPA and is slightly sweeter than our Vienna lager.

This crystal clear red lager has a typical smooth character that is the result of our imported German lager. It has lots of earthy herbal hop character, followed by a slightly sweet finish.
ABV - 5.6%


Old Flame Brewery Tour


Experience the Passion for the Craft. Meet the Old Flame Brewing Co. team and walk through the brewing method with brewmaster, Scott Pautler. An exclusive opportunity to see how we craft our Old Flame beer, the brewery tour willprovide you a behind-the-scenes lookat craft brewing process,and give you opportunity to feel and smell the special malts and hops that make Old Flame’s craft beers so enjoyable. We finish off our tour with a visit to Old Flame’s tasting room where you will have an opportunity to sample and compare some of our award winning craft brews.

Tours are available: Tuesday - Friday at noon, 2pm & 4pm. Saturday at 2pm & 4pm. Sunday at noon. Space is Limited - Please book in advance by calling 289.485.BREW (2739) with your date and preferred time.

Tour Duration
The brewery tour takes approximately 30-40 mins and is free of charge. Tastings and retail sales are available before or after scheduled tours. Stay as little or long as you would like.

Special Tour & Tasting Room Bookings
We are happy to host private group tour bookings and events outside of our regular tour day by emailing tours@oldflamebrewingco.ca with your information.

Old Flame Brewery

About Old Flame Brewing Co.

Local. Natural. Worth Remembering.

The Old Flame Brewing Co., a brewery dedicated to creating the best craft beer and is nestled in the Historical District of Port Perry, Ontario. Our brewery is housed in the former Ontario Carriage Works. Built in 1884, this landmark is 130 years old with a rich and diverse story to tell. We at the Old Flame Brewing Co. are committed to preserving, respecting, and telling those stories. We painstakingly revived the old building to mirror its grand former self.

During our revitalization project we uncovered a wonderful and original post and beam structure, century old brick and the burnt timber of a historical blaze. The reuse of existing features like store front windows, stately Carriage doors and a salvaged bullet proof floor, gives our brewery a warm and friendly atmosphere. Repurposed industrial and factory equipment, salvaged local “pickings” and the signs of yesteryear furnish our tasting room and event centre.

This handcrafted historical atmosphere is paralleled only by the quality and taste of our traditional handcrafted lagers and ales using time-honoured methods which are made in small batches using premium hops, grains and only the finest yeast strains.

You’ll currently find 6 taps pouring and where you’ll also find the friendliest staff waiting to welcome you. Come in for a tasting, or to fill up your growlers. We know you will enjoy your visit to our brewery and are confident you will find a delicious Old Flame craft beer that’s truly Worth Remembering. Cheers!


Old Flame Brewing Co. Carridge Works
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Old Flame Brewing Co. LCBO
Ontario Carriage Works 1884
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Old Flame Brewing Co. Today

Old Flame Brewing Co. Tasting Room


We're Here For a Good Time

Our Event Room can accommodate groups of 20 to 120 and is ideal for networking events, exhibitions, live musical performances, media launches, speaker events, meetings, fundraisers, workshops, wedding receptions, book reading and pop-up dinners.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact: Jack at events@oldflamebrewingco.ca or 289.485.2739


Old Flame Brewing Co.

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While at the Old Flame Brewing Co., be sure to stop and take a look around the Retail Shop for beer, clothing, glassware, collectibles as well as giftcards.


Hand-Crafted Beer
• Old Flame ‘Blonde’- Helles Style Lager - 4.8% abv ($5.50, plus deposit)
• Old Flame ‘Red’- Vienna Lager - 4.8%abv ($5.50, plus deposit)
• Old Flame ‘Brunette’- Munich Dunkel Style Lager - 4.8% ($5.50, plus deposit)
• Brewer's Discretion Series - ‘Perry Loved Mary’ - West Coast Style IPA - 6.0% ($6.00, plus deposit)
• Brewer's Discretion Series - ‘Dirty Blonde ’ - Kellerbier Style Lager - 6.0% ($6.00, plus deposit)

• Shhh 'Coffee' Mug - $6
• Glasses - $7
• Galvanized Ice Bucket - $15
• Tin Tacker Plaque - $22
• Beer Soap - $6

  We Got Swag
o Old Flame Ladies Short Sleeve (Crew or V Neck) – $24
o Old Flame Men’s Short Sleeve - $24
o Old Flame Ladies Long Sleeve - $30
o Old Flame Men’s Long Sleeve - $30
o Baseball Shirts (Perry Loved Mary) - $28
o Brewer's Discretion Series - $20

o Baseball Hat - $20
o Trucker Hat - $24
o New Era Hat - $27
o Cowboy Hat - $32
  Retail Shop Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 9pm | Sunday & Monday 11am - 6pm | Holidays: OPEN on all Holiday Mondays!  

Old Flame Brewing Co. Port Perry Ontario

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Stop by and pick up here at 135 Perry Street, in Port Perry.
Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 9pm | Sunday & Monday 11am - 6pm | Holidays: OPEN on all Holiday Mondays!


If you are interested in becoming a licensee,
please call us at 289.485.2739 or email at licensee@oldflamebrewingco.ca




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Connect with Old Flame Brewing Co.

Brewery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 9pm | Sunday & Monday 11am - 6pm | Holidays: OPEN on all Holiday Mondays!

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